“Thank you for coming over so fast and on a late Saturday afternoon and for fixing the pump so quick! It was very much appreciated! I am sure I have the best pool service in Texas! Thank you.”
– Jason H

“Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job on my pool! I am so happy you guys notice when something is not working right! Tell your manager you are doing a wonderful job! Thanks again.”
– Kim D

“Guys – I just want you to know how much I appreciate the work you have done. I know that you have worked hard to get my pool back in shape quickly and I must admit, every reasonably priced too!! Thank you!”
– Debbi F

“We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our pool service! Thank you for your great service in getting it back to its blue color! We love it again! Sincerely”
– Glenn A

“Thank you!”
– Louise T

“Just a note to praise your team for the work on our pool, especially the customer serivce. Perfect manners and perfect work habits. I hope you pay them well. Fondly,”
– Tim Z

“You have been the best pool people we’ve EVER had! Thank you for your service with a smile & always ready to help! Enjoy the holidays! Thank you – Your friends,”
– The Armstrongs

I also use Tadpole.  I don’t remember having to sign a contract with Tadpole either.  When I was first looked for pool service, some providers wanted me to sign a contract.  I’m thinking… I don’t even know how good you are… why would I want to sign a contract?!

We have been using Tadpole for 4+ years.  Here are reasons to use Tadpole:
— They are a real business.  I know many people don’t care, but I do.
— We were first-time pool-owners three years ago.  I called several places but Jeremy was the only guy who would educate me on pools without charging me an “educational” lesson—$80 to $100.  (We moved from MN where people empty their pools for winter.)
— When there has been miscommunication, it has always been easy to work with  Jeremy.
— As with everyone else, Tadpole does not always have perfect employees.  There has been a couple of technicians who weren’t good—according to my in-experienced eyes.  When I brought it up, Jeremy gave me new technicians right away.
— As with other posts, I have had pool issues during off-hours.  Tadpole has been great about helping us.
— Tadpole has worked with me on small adjustments without charges…  For example, I didn’t like the vacuum spraying at my windows.  TADPOLE ADJUSTED IT, so there were no more sprays.  I started to notice LOTS of bird poop and birds at our pool.  After researching about bird control, I realized the vacuum sprayer had been keeping the birds away.  TADPOLE ADJUSTED IT again, so that it sprayed just frequently enough to keep most birds at bay yet did not spray my windows as frequently.
— When I have questions about the bill, Tadpole has explained it to me without making me feel like an idiot.
— Finally, they cost on the lower end… but you get more out of it.

Resident, Castle Hills Texas