972-662-6014 is our New number!

For more than a decade we’ve been very fortunate to service most of North Dallas area including what use to seem a long way away, Mckinney. Of course we’ve always serviced everything in between including Carrollton where we first started. We have become one of the leading North Texas pool cleaning companies! A small staff and Jeremy Smith grew into a company of almost 20!  We’re very thankful of our many customers, because what we have become today, is because of you! Thank you!!

As what the reviews say online, we’ve always been customer service driven. Meaning, we treat our customers just like our own family!  Your pool pump went out? Right before you have 20 guests? We’ll do our darnest to get you going pronto. And we’ve done this hundreds of times over, simply just being there and getting it done right.  After all, we’d do the same for our own.

Many of the swimming pools we maintain on routes vary by sometimes many factors. Natural, organic, salt, ozone, etc, we have most likely already been working with that type of swimming pool for years. If there is something we haven’t seen, we’ll tell you, and then find the best resource for your particular requests. 99% of the swimming pools don’t have anything new! However technology does change and if you’re looking for remote pool monitoring, control or service, we can help you with that too. As you figured out, we do way more than just easy maintenance.

Ask for a quote on your costmetic needs to the plaster, even those tricky acid washes, pool tile replacement, including dealing with the water levels and keeping the pool submerged in the earth! (yes, thats important!). We do rock work too including waterfall and highlight rock walls.

We’re there when you need us and including a 100% guarantee, with a licensed and friendly staff. We provide honest estimates and will work to keep you as our customer for a lifetime. Really, ask our clients since we started! They are still with us because of the highest quality service. We actually CALL YOU, when we need to communicate important issues or concerns we might see at your pool. We don’t wait until a small problem becomes a mountain!

Call 972-662-6014 now to make your pool everything it can be!

We respond to most requests under 24 hours.